Spares and Consumables

Increase Productivity

Varian Semiconductor offers high quality spares and consumables, readily available to avoid downtime. We are continuously improving our products to increase life and improve tool operations.

Spare and Consumable Program Offerings:

Consignment Inventory Program

  • A program managed by Varian Semiconductor that ensures the right parts are available at the right time to meet your production requirements.
  • On-site inventory that is owned by Varian Semiconductor, but physical storage is controlled by the Customer.

Varian Semiconductor Paid Repair

  • Economical solution for those customers with spare assemblies
  • Return Authorization (RA) is generated through local office and assembly is evaluated and estimate of repair/lead time provided for approval before work is completed
  • Repair is done by Varian Semiconductor experienced technicians
  • Assembly will be tested and qualified through the Varian Semiconductor testing process
  • Reduce scheduled PM downtime

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