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Document Number:VSEA7018
Document Title:Next Generation Medium Current Product: VIISta 900XP

Publish Date:11/30/2006
Authors:A. Renau
Presented:IIT 2006
Model:VIISta 900XP
Abstract:Device fabrication requirements for 65nm and 45nm technologies further increase the demands on medium current implanters for higher process quality as well as for increased productivity and flexibility. Application space continues to grow beyond the traditional Vt adjustment implants to include other well and halo implants, creating the need for a broader energy range. Pressure for reduced CoO drives the need for higher productivity and this, in turn, drives requirements for tuning time, wafer handling speeds, beam currents and reliability that are substantially more aggressive than for older generation tools. Additionally, dose control, angle control and defect control standards have become more stringent. We discuss these requirements in more detail and describe the improvements that have been made to Varian’s next generation medium current tool in order to meet them.

Attachment:Next Generation Medium Current Product VIISta 900XP.pdf