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VIISta Platform
Varian Semiconductor’s full suite of high current, medium current and high energy ion implanters are based on a common platform.

Our unique platform leverages common technologies optimized for single-wafer systems, including:
  • The Varian Control System (VCS™)
  • The Varian Positioning System (VPS™)
  • Single-wafer endstation
  • Dual-magnet ribbon beam architecture
This proven platform offers:
  • Highest industry throughput
  • Production-proven, reliable wafer handling
  • Superior contamination performance
  • Commonality in most components and procedures
  • Cost-effective operation cost
This platform provides customers with flexibility in managing overall bay productivity, resulting in:
  • Decreased time to first silicon
  • Greater productivity across all applications
  • Flexible product mix changes
  • Cost-effective training
The VIISta platform enables the transition from batch to single-wafer systems by providing all of the advantages of precise angle control and superior particle performance, while maximizing productivity.
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