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VIISta® Medium Current
Recognized as the industry benchmark for medium current performance and productivity, Varian Semiconductor’s single-wafer medium current VIISta series ion implanters provide superior overall throughput, precision, doping capability, and unmatched contamination control.

The VIISta medium current family features:
  • The industry’s highest throughput
  • A patented dose control, ensuring precise implantations
  • A unique dual-magnet beamline design, delivering up to 10X better contamination performance than batch systems
  • The ability to support subMeV well applications
Our medium current implanters are based on a common platform, providing customers with flexibility in managing overall bay productivity, resulting in:
  • Decreased time to first silicon
  • Greater productivity across all applications
  • Highest industry throughput
  • Precise beam steering and tilt accuracy
  • Flexible product mix changes
  • Cost-effective training
  • Increased return on investment
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