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Restriction of Use of certain Hazardous Substances Directive

VSEA position on RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC

  • VSEA is in agreement with SEMI’s position for excluding semiconductor manufacturing equipment under the RoHS Directive
  • “The European Commission has defined Large-Scale Stationary Industry Tool (LSIT) in unofficial guidance.”
    • “This definition has been accepted by industry and Member States and is understood to include large-scale industrial production equipment such as used in a semiconductor fabrication plant.”
  • “Our position for maintaining the LSIT exemption is based on the following:”
    • "1. Semiconductor manufacturing equipment does not pose a significant environmental risk because of the reasons explained here and so the value of extending RoHS to such equipment provides little or no environmental or health benefit.”
    • "2. RoHS compliance would have significant unintended adverse effects on the larger European semiconductor manufacturing industry in terms of both sales of equipment within EU and of semiconductor devices produced in the EU.”
    • "3. Loss of exemption status would negatively impact the larger business community and society (employment) in Europe.”
  • “For these reasons, we hope you agree with our assessment that the European Commission should maintain the LSIT exemption as it applies to semiconductor manufacturing equipment.”
  • VSEA’s position is that our Ion implanters are LSIT and exempt and do not fall under the RoHS directive